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After the excessive enthusiasm of the latter half of the 20th century, during which time Science was almost elevated to a religion, while unfortunately been often used against the best interests of Humanity ...

After Science and Technology were challenged and viewed as evil during the last two decades, not only because of the danger of a global nuclear catastrophe, but also because of the realization that our environment is at excessive risk (a risk for which the Science of Chemistry was supposedly one of the main culprits) ...

We are now facing a most worrisome attitude of indifference towards Science in general and Chemistry in particular. The young generations in the Western World have lost their interest in Science, right at the moment that we most need its services to survive and carve out a future for the next generations. Careers in Science are viewed as too tedious and demanding, and seldom lead to high-profile professional careers or more pleasant lifestyles compared to other professions, which require much less effort and dedication. In addition, Science (and Chemistry in particular) is slowly disappearing from Secondary Education curricula. The level of chemical knowledge of the population all over the World is dangerously low.

Society needs Scientists, and Chemists in particular, now more than ever! And it needs a minimal knowledge and appreciation of Science and Chemistry. The same is true in Cyprus, as in any other part of the World.

The accession of Cyprus in the European Union (May 2004) has necessitated improved regulation of food quality, environmental pollution, radioactive materials and chemicals. Furthermore, the new policies of the Cypriot Government targeting the creation of technologically advanced industrial and research units in Cyprus must be based on a well-trained scientific workforce, in which Chemists must play a prominent role.

The Department of Chemistry of the University of Cyprus has contributed to these new conditions and initiatives by creating modern undergraduate and postgraduate programs compatible with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The Department prides itself in producing highly skilled scientists in the field of Chemistry, capable of responding to current and future challenges in Chemistry at both national and international levels.

Ours is a new Department, established in 2000, after existing as a Sector of a Department of Natural Sciences since 1992. The Department has at present 14 faculty members, 1 special Education, 1 accounting officer, 5 technicians and 2 secretaries. Enrolled are currently 110 undergraduate students and 54 graduate students, 35 of whom are PhD students, constituting the largest PhD program of a Department at the University of Cyprus. Our Faculty is devoting their energies to reach our set mission of teaching excellence at all levels, and the production of a large body of basic and applied research with unfailing dedication to academic excellence. The outstanding level of research activity and development that has been achieved in just a handful of years promises an exciting future for the Department of Chemistry.

Please visit the web pages of our Chemistry Department to obtain more information about our research activities and undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Chairperson of the Department of Chemistry