The courses on Chinese language are co-offered by the Language Center and Confucius Institute at UCY and are designed into levels that are aligned with both the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and China's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK, Chinese Proficiency Test).
UCY students have the opportunity to enroll in Chinese language classes as an elective course for 5 ECTS or take the course as en extra curriculum activity with a 50% discount on the fees. 
UCY Chinese Courses Programme (Fall Semester 2018/19):
CRN Course Code Course  Name ECTS MTWTFS Time Building Room Instructor Name
12360 LAN 060 1 Chinese for Beginners I 5.00 .T..F. 0900-1029 XWD01 004 Zhang Jing
11946 LAN 060 2 Chinese for Beginners I 5.00 M..T.. 1330-1459 XWD02 016 Duan Yingling
12105 LAN 061 1 Chinese for Beginners II 5.00 .T..F. 1030-1159 XWD01 004 Zhang Jing 
14771 LAN 061 2 Chinese for Beginners II 5.00 M..T.. 1500-1629 SFC07 CI Duan Yingling
14772 LAN 062 1 Intermediate Chinese I 5.00 M..T.. 1630-1759 XWD02 115 Duan Yingling