The private sector, the public sector and local communities could develop a better understanding of Chinese language and culture, and better engage with Chinese clients, associates and staff in Cyprus and China, through the Chinese Business Course.

  • Course description: In this 20-hour short course, the participants will learn the most frequently used Chinese expressions in business situations, the basic facts about China, and more importantly the basics of Chinese business culture, customs, manners, etiquette, and values, which will help the participants better understand and communicate with their Chinese colleagues or clients.
  • Learning Outcomes:
  1. Acquire the basic knowledge of (1) Chinese language pronunciation, characters, and grammatical structures; (2) the current economic and political facts of China; (3) Chinese business culture, customs, manners, etiquette, and values.
  2. Acquire the most frequently used 100 Chinese words and expressions in business contexts, and be able to count from one to one trillion.
  3. Recognize up to 50 basic characters.


Learning materials: prepared by the instructor

Instructional language: English