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Dr. Konstantinos Tsinas holds a Ph.D. Degree in Law (University of Athens), an LL.M. Degree in ‘Criminal Law - Criminal Procedure’ (University of Athens) and an M. Phil. Degree in ‘History & Philosophy of Science & Technology’ (National Technical University of Athens & University of Athens). He studied Law at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (BA). He has taught courses in Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Jurisprudence and History of Law at the University of Athens (Department of Medicine, Forensic Sciences) as well as at Hellenic Police Officers' School. He has also been an adjunct Lecturer at Hellenic Open University, School of Social Sciences, a scientific collaborator in criminal law at European University of Cyprus, School of Law (expertise: Financial Crime) and a Visiting Lecturer at University of Cyprus, Department of Law, teaching courses in Criminal Law - General Part, Criminal Procedure and Legal Method.
In 2010, Dr. Tsinas has been awarded the “Hippocrates Karavias” Award by the Academy of Athens for his postdoctoral work in Legal Theory (Book: Law & Logic; The Case of Criminal Law Theory, 2011, Athens: Eurasia Ed., in greek).
Criminal Law
Criminal Procedure & Evidence
Legal Reasoning
Statutory Interpretation
Logic - Argumentation and the Law
BOOKS (in greek)
  • Prohibited Analogy & Permitted Interpretation of Penal Statutes; A Contribution to the Methodology of Criminal Law. 2010. Athens-Komotini: Ant. Sakkoulas Publ.
  • Law & Logic; The Case of Criminal Law Theory. 2011. Athens: Eurasia Ed. (Academy of Athens Award "Hippocrates Karavias")
PAPERS (selected)
  • "Can Legal Syllogism still be considered as a Deductive Argument?" in: Philipps L./Bengez R. (Hrsg.). Beweis und Metrik - Festschrift fur Rolland Wittmann. (2016). Bern: Ed. Weblaw. pp. 139-155  [in english]
  • "On the so-called "necessity" of summary investigation of crimes (Art. 244 of the Greek Code of Criminal Procedure); Analysis of a prosecutorial 'Right'", Journal Poiniki Dikaiosyni  (= Criminal Justice), Vol. 12/2016, pp. 1120-1124 [in greek with an abstract in english]
  • "Reasoning with Criminal Law and Scientific Explanation; Formal Aspects of the Legal Justification Process" in: Strangas J. a.o. (Hrsg.). Begrundung, Legitimation, Recht. (2014) .Bd. 6A. Athens-Paris-Berlin: Nomos - L' Harmattan. pp. 389-425 [in greek with an abstract in german]
  • "Is nullum crimen nulla poena sine lege a legal principle or a legal rule? Analyzing the structure of art. 7.1.of the Greek Constitution under a new theoretical perspective", Revue Hellenique des Droits de L' Homme 53/2012, pp. 81-116  [in greek with an abstract in english]