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1982: BSc Pharmacy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.
1988: PhD Biochemistry, Graduate School of Rutgers University & UMDNJ–Rutgers Medical School joint program in Biochemistry,New Jersey, USA
1987–88: Research Associate, Dept of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Jefferson Institute of Molecular Medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, Phila, PA, USA.
1988–90: Instructor in Medicine, Member of Faculty, Department of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology Research, Jefferson Institute of Molecular Medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Phila, PA, USA.
1990–91: Research Associate, Division of Neurology, Dept of Medicine, Duke University Medical Center, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA.
1991–2004: Senior Scientist, Head of Dept of Molecular Genetics C’, Laboratory of Molecular Nephrology, Diagnostics and Research, The Cyprus Inst. of Neurology & Genetics, Nicosia, Cyprus.
2002-2020: Professor of Genetics
Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Cyprus
Head, Laboratory of Molecular and Medical Genetics
Director, Molecular Medicine Research Center
2020-Present: Professor of Genetics
School of Medicine
Director, Center of Excellence in Biobanking and Biomedical Research
University of Cyprus
Please click here to download the FULL CV of Professor Constantinos Deltas

Dr Constantinos Deltas was elected as the first Professor at the newly created Department of Biological Sciences in 2002 and served as the first Chairman. Along with another colleague, we had major responsibility in coordinating the preparation of under-graduate and post-graduate programs of study, setting new teaching and research labs and hiring more faculty. For many years, his lab focused on inherited kidney diseases with activities relating to molecular and medical genetics, cell biology and animal model work, pursuing both basic and applied translational directions. Also, he developed multiple molecular diagnostics and his lab serves as a referral center in Cyprus and Greece for several inherited renal conditions.

In 2010 he was funded to set up a new research infrastructure as part of the strategic planning of the Government of Cyprus. He established the Molecular Medicine Research Center (MMRC), as an independent research unit of the University of Cyprus, with three main activities, Biobanking, Research and Diagnostics. He established the first Biobank in Cyprus, with approval by the Cyprus National Bioethics Committee. In 2019 he was funded by the EU with €15mi for establishing a new Research and Innovation Center of Excellence in Biobanking and Biomedical Research, as an upgraded research infrastructure. The European funding is supplemented with a matching fund by the Government of Cyprus and by another €8mi by the University of Cyprus. The funded project was entitled: Biobanking and the Cyprus Human Genome Project, abbreviated as CY-Biobank.

The new center, with the nick name biobank.cy, has five pillars: The Biobank, the MMRC as the research arm, the diagnostics lab, the education hub and the innovation hub.

The research arm is maintained by the MMRC, which now is hosting several ongoing funded research projects. The biobanking activity is being upgraded in collaboration with Advanced Partners and they aim to high quality standard, to be reflected in ISO-20387. Prof. Deltas group aspires to prepare a medical research infrastructure that will upgrade the current research ecosystem and create the opportunities for biomedical research and precision medicine of the next generation in Cyprus, to the benefit of the Cypriot and the European citizen.

His research interests are quite broad. Projects in his group include the genetics of inherited kindey conditions, inherited heart conditions and the search for biomarkers for disease diagnosis and prognosis. They use mouse models of Alport Syndrome, a severe glomerual kidney disease, for better understanding of molecular and cellular pathomechnisms and for disease treatrment. During the pandemic they biobanked more than a 1000 convelescent patients and they are evaluating the response to the corona virus SARS-CoV-2, which causes the COVID-19 pandemic.

Selected 10 publications of his group are:

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