01-2015 Multidimensional electoral competition between differentiated candidates Dimitrios Xefteris
02-2015 Bank market power and firm performance  Manthos D. Delis, Sotirios Kokas and Steven Ongena
03-2015 A Backward-Bending and Forward-Falling Semi-log Model of Labour Supply  Panos Pashardes and Alexandros Polycarpou
04-2015 The Labor Market Effects of Reducing the Number of Illegal Immigrants Andri Chassamboulli and Giovanni Peri
05-2015 The Value of State Education to Consumers Sofia N. Andreou, Panos Pashardes and Nicoletta Pashourtidou
06-2015 Are Reemployment Services Effective? Experimental Evidence from the Great Recession Marios Michealides and Peter Mueser
07-2015 Market Games as Social Dilemmas Iván Barreda-Tarrazona, Aurora García-Gallego, Nikolaos Georgantzís and Nicholas Ziros
08-2015 The labor market effects of U.S. reemployment programs during the great recession Marios Michealides and Peter Mueser
09-2015 Stability in electoral competition: A case for multiple votes Dimitrios Xefteris
10-2015 Optimal Influence under Observational Learning Nikolas Tsakas

Diffusion by Imitation: The Importance of Targeting Agents

Nikolas Tsakas


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