01-2016 Strategic vote trading in power-sharing systems
Dimitrios Xefteris and Nicholas Ziros
02-2016 Barriers to price convergence Marina Glushenkova, Andros Kourtellos and Marios Zachariadis
03-2016 On the use of high frequency measures of volatility in MIDAS regressions Elena Andreou
04-2016 On decay centrality Nikolas Tsakas
05-2016 Candidate valence in a spatial model with entry Dimitrios Xefteris
06-2016 Delegation and worker training  Christos Bilanakos, John S. Heywood, John Sessions and Nikolaos Theodoropoulos
07-2016 Employer Size Effects for Workers vs. Supervisors: British Survey Data John S. Heywood and Nikolaos Theodoropoulos
08-2016 The effect of entry on R&D networks Nikolas Tsakas and Emmanuel Petrakis
09-2016 From unemployment to self-employment: The role of entrepreneurship training
Marios Michaelides and Scott Davis