Working papers

01-2017 Inflation Expectations and Monetary Policy Surprises
Elena Andreou, Snezana Eminidou and Marios Zachariadis
02-2017 Nascent Entrepreneurship and Race: Evidence from the GATE Experiment Marios Michaelides
03-2017 Strategic vote trading under complete information Dimitrios Xefteris and Nicholas Ziros
04-2017 Employer size and supervisor earnings: Evidence from Britain Nikos Theodoropoulos, Colin Green and John S. Heywood
05-2017 Output and Pollution Abatement in a U.S. State Emission Function Neophyta Empora, Theofanis P. Mamuneas and Thanasis Stengos
06-2017 Air pollution spillovers and U.S. state productivity growth Neophyta Empora
07-2017 Resisting Persuasion Elias Tsakas, Nikolas Tsakas and Dimitrios Xefteris
08-2017 Social Capital, Communication Channels and Opinion Formation Christos Mavridis and Nikolas Tsakas
09-2017 Electoral Competition with Third Party Entry in the Lab Nikolas Tsakas and Dimitrios Xefteris
10-2017 Endogeneity in Semiparametric Threshold Regression Andros Kourtellos, Thanasis Stengos and Yiguo Sun
11-2017 Measuring the Strength of the Theories of Goverment Size Andros Kourtellos, Alex Lenkoski and Kyriakos Petrou