94-08 On Normality and the Linear Regression Model Aris Spanos
94-07 How Do Students Finance Human Capital Accumulation? The Choise Between Borrowing and Work Costas Christou
Michael Haliassos
94-06 Why Do So Few Hold Stocks? Michael Haliassos
Carol Bertaut
94-05 The Modified Samuelson Rule for Public Good Production Under Trade Restrictions Michael S. Michael
Panos Hatjipanayotou
94-04 Bias in Estimating Equivalence Scales From Published Grouped Data Panos Pashardes
94-03 Equivalence Scales in a Rank-3 Demand System Panos Pashardes
94-02 Dynamic Analysis of the British Demand for Tourism Abroad Panayiota Flori-Lyssiotou
Panos Pashardes
94-01 Foreign Aid and Public Goods Panos Hatjipanayotou
Michael S. Michael
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Welcome to the website of the Economics Department at the University of Cyprus. We are one of the original departments of the University of Cyprus, having accepted our first undergraduate students in 1992 and the first postgraduate students in 1999....more
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