94-08 On Normality and the Linear Regression Model Aris Spanos
94-07 How Do Students Finance Human Capital Accumulation? The Choise Between Borrowing and Work Costas Christou
Michael Haliassos
94-06 Why Do So Few Hold Stocks? Michael Haliassos
Carol Bertaut
94-05 The Modified Samuelson Rule for Public Good Production Under Trade Restrictions Michael S. Michael
Panos Hatjipanayotou
94-04 Bias in Estimating Equivalence Scales From Published Grouped Data Panos Pashardes
94-03 Equivalence Scales in a Rank-3 Demand System Panos Pashardes
94-02 Dynamic Analysis of the British Demand for Tourism Abroad Panayiota Flori-Lyssiotou
Panos Pashardes
94-01 Foreign Aid and Public Goods Panos Hatjipanayotou
Michael S. Michael