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Welcome to the website of the Economics Department at the University of Cyprus. Our department accepted the first students in its Economics degree program in 1992. In 2005 we introduced a second degree in International, European and Economic Studies and in 2013 we added an interdepartmental degree in Mathematics and Economics, which is jointly offered with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

The Department has also offered graduate level programs since 1999. The Master program in Monetary and Financial Economics is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in the financial sector. The Master in Economic Analysis prepares students for a PhD degree in Economics. The Department's PhD program provides training for students who are interested in becoming researchers and working in academia, policy making, or the private sector.
The aim of the department is to advance economic discourse at the national and international level and to promote knowledge in the field of International and European Economic studies. In particular, the objective of the Department is to:
(a) Equip students with qualifications acceptable to employers in Cyprus and the European Union and comparable to those of the best foreign universities.
(b) Prepare students for graduate studies and research in Cyprus and at top universities abroad.
(c) Engage in research with a view to producing results of high international academic standard.
(d) Set the standards for the discussion of local, European and international economic issues and appropriate economic policy decisions.
The Department's teaching philosophy is to encourage students to study economic and European economic issues in depth and with independence of mind. For this reason the emphasis in the teaching program is to help students develop strong analytical and other skills and acquire the ability to critically assess economic arguments.
Professor Sofronis Clerides
Head of Department of Economics