Working Papers
01-2020 How different are Monetary Unions to national economies according to prices? Marina Glushenkova and Marios Zachariadis
02-2020 Store expensiveness and consumer saving: Insights from a new decomposition of price dispersion Sofronis Clerides, Pascal Courty and Yupei Ma
03-2020 Who Pays Taxes on Basic Foodstuffs?: Evidence from Broadening the VAT Base Panayiota Lyssiotou and Elena Savva
04-2020 Predicting the VIX and the Volatility Risk Premium: The Role of Short-run Funding Spreads Volatility Factors Elena Andreou and Eric Ghysels
05-2020 What matters for consumer sentiment? World oil price or retail gasoline price? Sofronis Clerides, Styliani-Iris Krokida, Neophytos Lambertides and Dimitris Tsouknidis
06-2020 Representative Democracy with or without Elections: An Economic Analysis Miltos Makris, Theodore Palivos and Marios Zachariadis
07-2020 Immigration, Legal Status and Fiscal Impact  Andri Chassamboulli and Xiangbo Liu