'Tesserae of Knowledge' research project,

'Tesserae of Knowledge' (in Greek, Psifides Gnosis) is a research project aimed at collecting, digitizing and disseminating material related to disabled people and people with chronic illnesses, primarily in order to promote inclusive education. In the context of the project, a digital archive was developed. The archive comprises of 'digital portfolios' for each person, entailing his/her biography, representative work (e.g. poems, literary texts, artwork, songs, videos, documentaries), and interviews. The digital portfolios can be used by anyone who is interested in disability issues, and particularly by teachers, as part of the curriculum. To this end, a search tool was developed, to facilitate teachers locate material that is suitable for different subjects, thematic areas, and class levels. The project runs a number of activities, such as professional development programmes for teachers, school based seminars, school based interventions addressed to teachers and students, presentations at conferences, and publications. The project 'Tesserae of Knowledge' was initiated in 2011, thanks to the funding provided by the University of Cyprus, and it continues its educational and social contribution to date. The project co-ordinator is Simoni Symeonidou.