About FEM

The School Economics and Management, one of the first Schools of the University of Cyprus, was founded in 1989, but began operations in 1992. The objectives of the School are to diffuse knowledge, introduce students in critical thinking, and enhance students´ expertise and competencies. It also seeks to enhance the moral, right behavior and important values. It provides students with the essential tools that will help them face the challenges of today. The School also offers its students suitable academic qualifications that will allow them to achieve a successful career, either in the private or in the public sector.

The School of Economics and Management comprises the Department of Business and Public Administration, the Department of Accounting and Finance and the Department of Economics. It also maintains two research units, the Economics Research Centre and the Centre for Banking and Financial Research. The School offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate studies to prospective students.

Undergraduate Studies
BSc in Economics
BSc in International and European Economic Studies
BSc in Accounting
BSc in Finance
BSc in Management Science
BSc in Marketing/Management

Postgraduate Studies
MSc in Economics
MSc in Economic Analysis
MSc in Monetary and Financial Economics
MSc in Finance
Master in Business Administration (MBA)
PhD with concentration in Economics or Finance

Computer Laboratories
Students have access to the computer laboratories of the University for their homework assignments and research projects. A modern microcomputer laboratory has been established especially for the students of the Faculty of Economics and Management. Lectures in Economics, Accounting, Finance and Management Science are supplemented with the use of the latest business software and related databases.

The University library receives all major European and North American journals and business magazines and databases, such as Compustat, Global Vantage, CRSP tapes, ABI inform, SEC, Wall Street Journal CD, Silverplatter. An extensive collection of business textbooks and advanced research publications is continually enriched.

Research Laboratories
The Centre for Banking and Financial Research established the first high-performance parallel computing laboratory in Cyprus, and developed innovative models for managing international portfolios, for corporate bond portfolios, and for the computer-aided design of financial products. Some faculty of the Centre have taken the initiative in establishing the Real Options Group (ROG), an international organization promoting research and training in this new and very exciting field of finance.

Department of Public and Business Administration
Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Cyprus, P.O. Box 20537 CY-1678, Nicosia, Cyprus
Office Number: 008 FEB01
Phone Number: +357 22 893627
Fax: +357 22 895030

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