Seminar Series in Finance and Macroeconomics

Jointly Organized by

The Faculty of Economics and Management and the Central Bank of Cyprus

Fall 2010


Past Seminars

The Baltic Dry Index as a Predictor: Evidence from Global Equity Returns, Commodity Returns, and Global Economic Activity
Georgios Skoulakis (University of Maryland)
Tuesday, 7 September 2010,
1130 at UCY: FEB 01 -131

Household Search and the Aggregate Labor Market
Jochen Mankart (University of St Gallen)
Friday, 22 October 2010,
To be held at UCY at 1130: FEB 01 -131

Dynamic female labour supply

Zvi Eckstein (Deputy Governor, Bank of Israel)
23 November 2010,
11:00 am at CBC

Self-fulfilling Beliefs and Bounded Bubbles in the U.S. Housing MarketMasanori Kashiwagi (EUI)

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

To be held at UCY at 1130 (provisional)

George Georgiou (Central of Bank of Cyprus)
Andros Kourtellos (Department of Economics)
Alexandros Michaelides (Department of Public and Business Administration)
George Nishiotis (Department of Public and Business Administration)
Lenos Trigeorgis (Department of Public and Business Administration
CBC: Central Bank of Cyprus – Boardroom on 4th floor.
UCY: FEB 01 -131 or UCY: FEB 02 – B207
The main sponsors of the seminar series is the Bank of Cyprus Endowed Chair in Finance and the Central Bank of Cyprus