The Office aims to secure financial support, which will help the University to accomplish its mission, thus actively contributing to economic and social development of the country.
More specifically, the Office has the following responsibilities:
    • Designs, implements, and manages financial campaigns aimed at securing donations (monetary or otherwise) in favour of the Organization and the University community.
    • Promotes the image of the University of Cyprus both within Cyprus and abroad, by cultivating relationships with organized groups, businesses and individuals.
    • Works with groups of Cypriot expatriates in order to promote the University and its work.
    • Organizes events for honouring donors.
    • Maintains and manages databases of specialized groups (Donor, VIP, factors abroad).
    • Maintains database of all donations received which the University.
    • Manages the relationships between donors and the University.
    • Prepares funding proposals which are aimed at potential donors.
    • Ensures the preparation of legal documents relating to donations from the Legal Advisors of the University of Cyprus.
    • Promotes the 'connection' between the University and the business sector, with the creation of cooperation agreements with group of companies and enterprises.
    • Monitors the developments of events in the financial sector in Cyprus, and worldwide.
    • It is responsible for the operation of the "University Development Committee."
Office Head
Constantinos M. Savvides
Administrative Officer
Head of U.D.O.
Tel: 22895205
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.