Networks Sector:

The Networks’ Sector delivers high speed and reliable intranet and internet access to the Academic Community. It also provides 2nd and 3rd level network support to the local ΙΤ support teams, to the user support sector as well as to the wide community. The sector’s basic activities involve the management, support and continuous development and upgrade of the wired and wireless network infrastructure, the integrated communication services for voice, video and data, the DHCP and DNS services infrastructure, the enforcement of the internet security policy, as well as the technical support of the .cy registry.

  1. Access and Aggregation Network (Layer 2 and 3)
  2. Network Physical infrastructure (Layer 1)
  3. Domain Name and Dynamic IP Assignment (DNS/DHCP)
  4. IP Telephony and Fax
  5. Video Conference and e-presense
  6. Network Security
  7. User and Admin Network Authentication
  8. Core and Datacenter Network
  9. Wireless Network (ucywifi,eduroam)
  10. Monitoring, Backup and Network Inventory
  11. .CY registrar technical support
  12. CYNET technical support
  13. Certificate service
Information Technology Support Sector:

The Sector is responsible for the support of UCY users for IT infrastructure systems and equipment. In addition, the Sector manages central computer laboratories, printing multifunction machines, as well as requests for the purchase of IT equipment for the Administrative Services. The Sector provides the University Community with multimedia services and is responsible for educating users to use the services of the Infrastructure Information Service.


  1. Operate Service Desk
  2. Technical Support for Administrative Services
  3. Mutlimedia Services
  4. Management of Central Computers Labs
  5. Management of Multi-function Printers