The Language Centre of the University of Cyprus provides resources and services for members of the University who need foreign language competency for their studies or personal interest and to enable students to satisfy the University's foreign language requirement (5 ECTS/per course).

The Language Centre is dedicated to helping students succeed in mastering languages other than their own. As students acquire the four linguistic skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), they also develop social and cultural competences in the language they study. These processes are enhanced through guided use of contemporary media such as magazines and newspapers, television and film, and various forms of instructional technology including the Blackboard course management system, computer-mediated communication (discussion forum, chat, blogs), and the Internet.

The programme currently offers three levels in English language studies and nine English courses for special purposes, four levels of French language studies and three French courses for specific purposes, the four levels of German language studies and two German for specific purposes, and four levels each for Italian, Turkish and Spanish language studies. In addition there are three levels each for Russian and Chinese. All Syllabuses are aligned with the Common European Framework of References (CEF) fro Langauges. All Language Centre courses from the beginners to advanced levels, are taught in the language of instruction. Courses offered at the 200 code are designed at the B2 CEF level.

Language Centre courses can be taken as elective or compulsory subjects. When compulsory, exemptions may be granted based on external certification, previous equivalent courses taken, or examination results. Further information about exemption regulations can be found in the Centre´s web page

The Language Centre also offers in collaboration with KEPEAA a program of continuing education for adults. These tuition-based courses are of two types: Languages for Specific Purposes and In-Service Teacher Training. Languages for Specific Purposes courses are tailored to the specific language learning requirements and time and place schedules of business and government bodies. In-Service Teacher Training includes advanced language maintenance courses as well as instruction in language teaching methodology and instructional technology. The Centre also contributes to the Secondary School Teacher´s Pre-service Program offered by the University.

Greek language courses for foreigners are offered by the School of Greek Language.