Conference: "Mediation and Mediation techniques" (coordinator: Ν. Hadjimichael). University of Cyprus,  June 30-  July 1
Conference: "Mediation legal frameworks and Mediation techniques" (coordinator: Ν. Hadjimichael). University of Cyprus, September 17-18 
Conference: Comparative Criminal Law: Evidences.  (Coordinator: Ch. Papacharalampous). University of Cyprus, October 13-14.
International Conference jointly organised with the Uniersity of Brussels(U.L.B.): "Cross-Border Class Actions: The European Way?" (Coordinator: Α. Nuyts, Ν. Hadjimichael). Brussels,  April 27.
Conference: "Thorny Legal Issues in Aviation Safety and Accident Investigation". (Coordinator: Α. Kapardes) Univerity of Nicosia, December 2-3 .
Conference: "European Project on Judicial Cooperation in matters of market regulation and consumer welfare", Paphos - Nicosia (coordinator: Ν. Hadjimichael). September 29  - October 2.
International Workshop on "Private International Law: European Dimensions on International Civil and Commercial Litigation". Organizers: University of Cyprus, Université Libre de Bruxelles (coordinator: Ν. Hadjimichael). University of Cyprus, September 30. 
Ιnternational Conference on "European Copyright Law, Towards a European Copyright Code?" (coordinator: Τ. Synodinou). University of Cyprus, April 14-15 
Conference: "The Cyprus Problem in Progress - International Dimension, Governance Issues, Human Rights", University of Cyprus. (coordinator: A. Constantinides) April 23-24 
Conference: "50 years of the Constitution of Cyprus", University of Cyprus, (coordinator: C. Combos και C. Τsaitourides) November 19-20 
Conference: ''International Conference on Criminal Law and Crime Prevention'', Nicosia, (coordinatorι: Α. Kapardes και Ch. Charalampous) November 5-6 
Three - day Conference: "Contemporary issues of cypriot and greek civil law""Contemporary issues of cypriot and greek civil law". Organizers: University of Cyprus, Union of Civil lawyers, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (coordinator: Ν. Hadjimichael) University of Cyprus, October 30-31
International Conference: "Transnational Public Interest Litigation in Domestic Courts", . Organizer: University of Cyprus (coordinators: Α. Constantinides, Ν. Hadjimichael). University of Cyprus,  October 31 - November 1.