Dear students,
Welcome to the website of the Medical School of the University of Cyprus, one of the most rapidly developing Schools internationally. The School focuses on high level basic and clinical training of students, pioneering scientific research and provision of medical services.
Currently, the University of Cyprus is ranked 52nd among the top 200 Universities, based on the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. My vision, which is a common vision among everyone involved in the Medical School, the academic, scientific and administrative staff, is for the Medical School to play a fundamental role in the improvement of the education and research in Medicine, not only in Europe but in the Middle East as well. At the same time, to be established among the best schools on a global level. Moreover, a continuous effort to support the development and upgrading of the health services provided in Cyprus is being made through the close cooperation of our academic staff with the medical and nursing staff of the local hospitals.
All of you, our undergraduate and postgraduate students, are about to commence a journey lead by our academics and guided by our pioneering and intensive programme of studies, aiming at offering broad knowledge and high-standard training in the field, both of which are necessary prerequisites for confronting any kind of challenge in the evolving and continuously changing field of Medical Science. All of our academic staff are well-known, skilled scientists with global achievements, at the peak of their careers, who will always be by your side to offer assistance. At the end of this journey, our aim is to create skilled young scientists, equipped with knowledge and capabilities for practicing Medicine to the highest standards.
Today, we are called to face multiple challenges on a worldwide level, but I firmly believe that with effective collaboration, continuous effort and dedication we can create the School we have dreamed of.
I wish each and everyone of you a fruitful and constructive course of studies and a well- respected future career.
Yours faithfully,
Filippatos Gerasimos
  deans photo