The Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (MME) at the University of Cyprus was founded in 2002, admitted its first undergraduate students in the fall of 2003 and graduated its first students in June of 2006. Our Department offers innovative programs of study both at the undergraduate (B.Sc.) and graduate (M.Sc. and PhD) levels that are constantly evolving to meet the needs of mechanical engineers in the 21st century. Our graduates are the mechanical engineers who create, shape and implement technologies in many diverse areas.

As of December 2018, the Department consists of 17 faculty positions, of which 12 are already filled with full-time academic personnel, and the rest are currently in process to be filled by 2020. Our academic staff is a mix of experienced senior and promising junior faculty, making the Department a vibrant and exciting place, something that has been critical for its success until now. Our student body consists of about 200 undergraduate students and 45 postgraduate students.

The Department has aimed its recruitment strategy to attain research excellence and critical mass in established research areas. Research in MME is presently organized into the following areas of concentration— Thermo-fluid Mechanics and Energy Systems; Computational Mechanics; Mechanical System Modeling and Controls; Design, Manufacture, Automations and Robotics; Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology; Materials Science and Technology; and Micro- and Nano-Technology. The past five years our faculty has received about 17 million € in more than 85 externally-funded competitive research grants and has been awarded, among others, one ERC Starting Grant, two Marie Curie Excellence Chairs, one Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge-Development project and one Marie Curie Excellence Team project.

Under the stewardship of faculty members and the help of dedicated support staff and graduate students, the Department has worked to develop an undergraduate and graduate teaching program that provides rigorous training and imparts the intellectual adventure of mechanical engineering to new generations. The broad-based training and advanced knowledge offered in our graduate curriculum prepares students to work in many diverse industries including aerospace, computer-aided-design, thermal power plants, bioengineering, manufacturing, microelectronics, and materials engineering.

The Department's mission is to continually strive to attain excellence and establish international reputation in both teaching and research.

Theodora Kyratsi
Associate Professor, Department Chair