HRM 562: Managing Workforce Diversity, Theory and Practice (6 ECTS)

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Trainer: Dr. Christiana Ierodiakonou

This course aims at providing students with an understanding of the individual, societal and organizational dynamics related to managing, and being part of, a diverse workforce in contemporary organizations. It covers the main concepts and frameworks to familiarize students with the variety of human difference and the criticality of managing this difference to create inclusive workplaces. The topics covered include the definition and importance of diversity in HRM and  social policy; the social, cultural and legal context for the development of HRM diversity policies and practices in organizations; the business case for managing diversity; the various dimensions of diversity.  Students will receive practical training in understanding, being sensitive about and adapting to various needs, concerns and characteristics of different people. This should enhance their interpersonal relationships with members of their team and help them grow into sensitive, responsible and ethical managers and leaders.

Dates: 25-27-29 May & 2-4-10-12-16-18 June 2020

Time: 6:00pm-9:30pm

Participation fee: € 450


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