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The basic or introductory courses are all compulsory and prerequisite for the core courses. The latter are also compulsory and cover many areas that a physicist must master.


Basic or Introductory Courses (59.5 ECTS)

PHY 111 - General Physics I

PHY 112 - General Physics II

PHY 113 - Modern Physics

PHY 114 - Physics Laboratory I

PHY 115 - Physics Laboratory II

PHY 145 - Computational Methods in Physics

PHY 213 - General Physics III

PHY 216 - Physics Laboratory III


Core Courses (62 ECTS)

PHY 211 - Classical Mechanics

PHY 221 - Mathematical Methods of Physics I

PHY 222 - Mathematical Methods of Physics II

PHY 225 - Quantum Mechanics I

PHY 231 - Electromagnetism I

PHY 235 - Electromagnetism II - Special Theory of Relativity

PHY 326 - Quantum Mechanics II

PHY 342 - Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics

PHY 351 - Research in Physics


Compulsory Courses from other Departments

Foreign Language

2 courses


MAS 018 - Introductory Mathematics I

MAS 019 - Introductory Mathematics II


CHEM 021 - Introduction to Chemistry for Biologists and Physicists 




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