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Instructor: Stavros Theodorakis

Content: Culture as a function of our beliefs about space, time, boundaries, the vacuum, chaos. Principle of Relativity–reversal of conventional viewpoints. Special and General Relativity. Warped Space and Time, Topology, Escher’s art. Concepts of space and time in the Middle Ages and in naive–primitive–eastern–modern art. Wavefunctions–fuzzy boundaries. Virtual and real. Superposition–Interpretation. Metamorphic Images in Surrealism. The observer (reader, spectator) as a participant in Physics (literature, art). Hypertexts. Aristotelian and Multivalued Logic. Self-Referentiality, Fractals. The Vacuum as a dynamic concept in Physics and Art. Dynamic entities in Postmodern Culture. 

Assesment: Original creative work (20%), midterm exam (40%), final exam (40%). Criteria for the creative work: integration of modern physics concepts in a piece of creative art work, identification of common perceptions in art and physics. If the student prefers not to undertake the creation of an original piece of work, then the midterm and the final count for 50% each.