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Instructor: Konstantinos Moulopoulos  


Double-slit experiments: Complementarity as more fundamental than Uncertainty principle (including recent developments and controversy), its quantification through recent inequalities (of Englert and others), the physics of the Quantum Eraser.
Dirac formalism: applications but also some of its “dangers” (cases of Hermiticity but non-selfadjointness), hidden non-Hermiticity in Ehrenfest and Hellmann-Feynman theorems
Position and Momentum Representations: problems with spatially-uniform force fields, Propagators, Harmonic Oscillator
Schrödinger Picture: Conservation Laws, Dynamical symmetries and degeneracies, Galilean transformation
Angular Momentum (orbital and Spin): Pauli algebra, systems with bound states
Quantum particle in external Electromagnetic Fields: gauge transformations (ordinary and singular), magnetic Aharonov-Bohm (AB) effect and relevant Nanosystems, Electric Fields and time-dependent Hamiltonians, electric AB effect, Charged particle in a uniform magnetic field (Landau Levels), Quantum Hall Effect.
Perturbation Theories and time-dependent phenomena: Radiation emission and absorption, Raman scattering
Adiabatic Approximation: geometric and topological phases (Berry phase, Aharonov-Anandan phase) – application to modern Solid State Physics.

Assesment: Midterm Exam 40%,  Final Exam 40%,  Home Projects 20%