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InstructorNicolaos Toumbas    

Content: Electrostatics and Magnhtostatics: Boundary value problems, Electric and magnetic dipole moments, multipole moments, Static fields in matter, Conductors, Dielectrics, Magnetic materials, Electromagnetic forces and energy. Time varying fields: Maxwell equations, Gauge transformations, The electromagnetic energy density, Poynting vector and Maxwell stress tensor, Conservation laws, Advanced and retarded Green functions, Lorentz transformations of the electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic waves in matter, Dispersion, Applications in optics, Waveguides, Simple harmonic radiating systems, Dipole radiation, The Lienard-Wiechert potentials, Radiation by moving charges and applications. 

Assesment: Homework sets: 10%,  Midterm exam: 40%,  Final exam: 50%.