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Instructors: C.AlexandrouH. Panagopoulos, N.Toumbas 

The Dirac equation. Compatibility with Special Relativity. Relation to the Pauli equation. Solutions of the free equation and their interpretation. Solutions in the presence of an electromagnetic field. The Klein - Gordon equation for a scalar field and its quantization. Quantization of fermions. Quantization of photons. Discrete symmetries C, P, T. The relation between spin and statistics. Interacting fields and their quantization. The S matrix. Relativistic kinematics. Phase space. Covariant perturbation theory. Calculation of cross sections and decay amplitudes in Quantum Electrodynamics, at tree level. Calculation of weak decays. Comparison of Fermi's weak Hamiltonian to the Standard Model. 

Assesment: Homework sets 10%,  Midterm exam 30%,  Final exam 60%