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Instructors: C.AlexandrouH. Panagopoulos, N.Toumbas  

Content: Perturbative corrections in Quantum Electrodynamics: Introduction to Renormalization, Magnetic moment of the electron, Infrared and Ultraviolet infinities in loop diagrams, Renormalization of the fermion field and of the electric charge, LSZ reduction, Optical theorem, Ward identity. Systematics of Renormalization. Dimensional regularization. Perturbation theory to one loop and beyond. Functional Quantization: Functional integrals in Quantum Mechanics and in Field Theory. Connection to Statistical Mechanics. Quantization of fermions and gauge fields. Renormalization à la Wilson. Renormalization group. The Callan – Symanzik equation. The running of the coupling constant. Non-Abelian Gauge Theories: Gauge symmetries, Yang – Mills theory, Feynman rules, Faddeev – Popov quantization and ghost fields, BRST transformation, asymptotic freedom. The Standard Model: Spontaneous symmetry breaking and Goldstone bosons, the Higgs mechanism and generation of masses, the CKM matrix, CP violation. Study, to one-loop level, of the decays of the Higgs boson and of the top quark. 

Assesment:  Homework sets 10%,  Midterm exam 30%,  Final exam 60%