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Instructor:  Andreas Othonos 


• Semiconductor basic concepts, band Structure, Excitons, Phonons.
• Scattering processes in semiconductors, carrier relaxation and carrier transport.
• Ultrafast Lasers, Ultrafast Spectroscopy techniques and Interpretation of results.
• Coherent Spectroscopy of Semiconductors,
• Initial relaxation of photo-excited carriers, cooling of hot carriers, Phonon and Exciton Dynamics.
• Carrier Tunneling in Semiconductor Nanostructures.
• Carrier Transport in Semiconductor Nanostructures.
• Monte-Carlo Simulation of Carrier and Phonon dynamics.
• Experimental Pump-probe techniques, Luminescence Spectroscopy


• Project on selected topic on ultrafast spectroscopy of semiconductors 40%
• Presentation of selected topic on ultrafast spectroscopy of semiconductors 10%
• Final exam on all material 50%