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Instructor: Gregorios Itskos 


  • Energy States: Phonons, Electronic/Εxcitonic States, Impurity States, Perturbation of States by Strain/Temperature/Electric/Magnetic Fields
  • Optical Absorption: Interband/Intraband/Excitonic Absorption, Free Carrier/Lattice Absorption, Kramers-Kronig Relationships, Optical Constants, Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Emission: Einstein Relationships, Interband/Excitonic Emission, Impurity Radiative Transitions, Luminescence Spectroscopy
  • Non Radiative Transitions: Recombination via Surface States/Defects/Impurities, Auger
  • Optical Properties of Quantum Structures: Quantum Well/Dots/Wires, Carbon Nanostructures
  • Light Emission Devices: Light Emitting Diodes, Lasers
  • Magneto - Optical Effects: Faraday/ Voigt/ Kerr Effects, Magneto-Absorption/Luminescence, Magneto-Optical Techniques
  • Photovoltaic Structures: Optical Properties of Solar cells: p-n junction, Schottky, inorganic/organic/hybrid heterostructures


1. Each student is assigned a sub-chapter of the main textbook of the course (Optical Properties – Mark Fox) that has not been discussed in the lectures and delivers a powerpoint presenting the material as a 45-min lecture, followed by 30 minutes of questions by the instructor/other students (40% of the grade)
2. Each student produces a ~10 page bibliographical essay accompanied by a 45 minute presentation plus 30 minutes question time, on a specialized topic or a specific publication related to optical properties of semiconductors assigned by the instructor (60% of the grade)