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Instructor: Theodosis Trypiniotis 


  • Introduction: spin physics in solids, spin relaxation mechanisms, spin-orbit interaction, spin coherence in semiconductors.
  • Spin dependent electronic transport: spin diffusion, spin tunnelling, spin injection/detection, optical spin orientation and spin pumping. Giant and Tunnelling magnetoresistance (GMR and TMR), local and non local phenomena.
  • Pure spin currents: spin Hall effect (SHE or ISHE), spin caloritronics.
  • Spintronic devices: magnetic recording, magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM), spin-transfer memory and oscillators, spin transistors, spin lasers, devices for logic or quantum computing.

Assesment: Each student gives an extensive presentation of a recent publication(s) focussed on the latest developments within a specific area of spintronics.