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Instructor: Fotios Ptochos


• Introduction to the experimental techniques used in nuclear and particle physics
• Design and operational principles of modern detectors used in High Energy Particle Physics
• Topics covered include the theory of interactions of particle with matter, scintillators and time of flight detectors, gas detectors, semiconductor detectors, tracking devices and algorithms for track reconstruction, operation principles of calorimeters and the design of modern calorimeters, detectors for particles identification.
• Triggering and Data acquisition systems.
• Large and complex detectors like the ones in LHC, Tevatron and future lepton colliders.
• Presentation of modern algorithms for jet reconstruction, and for the identification of b-quark and top-quark jets.
• Hands on experience with these algorithms using Monte Carlo events.
• Modern Cherenkov detectors, semiconductor scintillators and photomultipliers, TPC detectors and their use in collider and neutrino experiments.
• Particle physics and particle detectors in medical applications.


• Presentation and analysis of various topics during the semester 70%
• Final project with a written report and oral presentation 30%