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Instructor: Fotios Ptochos


• Presentation of the Physics at the energy scale of LHC and future hadron and lepton colliders.
• Connection between theory and recent results from LHC experiments with emphasis to topics from the physics of QCD, parton structure functions and hadronization in p-p collisions, emerging phenomena from heavy ion collisions, new observations in the heavy quark sector (top and b), rate B-meson decays, Electroweak gauge bosons, and studies related to the properties of the Higgs boson.
• Presentation of new ways and techniques in searching for SUSY, and other topics related to searches for new phenomena beyond the Standard Model like dark matter candidates, extra space dimensions, microscopic black holes, flavor changing neutral currents, lepton flavor violation models, composite Higgs models, leptoquarks, technicolor and alternative solutions for the dynamics of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking.
• Connection of the results from LHC to the results from other non-accelerator based experiments and the constraints imposed to various theoretical models.


• Presentation of various topics during the semester 70%
• Final project with written report and presentation 30%