Structure of the Programme
The MA programme comprises the following:
  1. Core Courses
  2. Specialization Course
  3. Additional Courses
(C) Internship Programme (optional)
Additionally, an Indicative Courses Guide, the Student Rules and the Programme's Requirements are collocated below.
(A) Taught Courses (60 ECTS)
Each candidate is required to complete eight courses. Three of them are compulsory for both directions, three more will be compulsory as specialization courses, while the remaining two are chosen from the other direction of specialization in the MA programme or from Special Issues). Each taught course is credited with 7.5 ECTS.

 (1) Core Courses [all three are compulsory for both specialization directions]

  • SPS 540 International Political Theory
  • SPS 541 Regional and International Governance
  • SPS 500 Research Methods 

(2) Specialization Courses

(2.1) Compulsory courses for the International Relations direction and optional for the European Politics direction

  • SPS 640 International Political Economy
  • SPS 641 Diplomacy
  • SPS 642 International Law

(2.2) Compulsory courses for the European Politics direction and optional for the International Relations direction 

  • SPS 643 Contemporary European Politics
  • SPS 644 European Political Economy
  • SPS 645 European Union as International Actor

(3) Additional Courses

(Choice of two optional courses, either from the other specialization direction in 2.1 or 2.2 above and/or from the courses below periodically taught by Visiting Academics)

  • SPS 513 Special Issues in International Relations
  • SPS 515 Special Issues in European Politics
(B) Dissertation (in the field of specialization) (30 ECTS)
The dissertation should be around 15,000-words long, including references and bibliography.
(C) Internship Programme (10 ECTS)
Students have the option of joining a workplace, organization, NGO or other institution in Cyprus related to political science for a period of two months. At the end of the internship, the students will be evaluated by the host organization and by the Internship Coordinator on the basis of a Short Activity Report.

 Total: 90 ECTS; or 100 ECTS if the optional Internship Programme is taken.

Recommended Courses Per Semester
1st Semester: 3 Courses (22.5 ECTS)
International Political Theory
International Political Economy
International Law
Contemporary European Politics [or any other optional course for the specialization in European Politics]
2nd Semester: 3 Courses(22.5 ECTS)
Regional and International Government
European Political Economy
European Union as International Actor [or any other optional course for specialization in International Relations]

Summer Semester: Optional Internship Programme (10 ECTS)

3rd Semester: 2 Courses (15 ECTS)
Research Methods
Optional Course
4th Semester: Dissertation (30 ECTS)
Student Rules
These are regulated according to The University Postgraduate Study Rules. 
Programme Requirements
On the Masters Programmes offered by the Department of Social and Political Sciences students can study full-time or part-time. University Regulations stipulate that the maximum duration of study for a Master’s Programme is eight semesters.

Successful completion of 90 or 100 credits following the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

These are allocated as follows:

  1. Modules: 60 
  2. Dissertation: 30
  3. Internship Programme (optional): 10

Students will be obtaining MA in Political Science (International Relations) or MA in Political Science (European Politics).

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