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UCY Voice, the radio station of the University of Cyprus, was founded in order to promote the work of the institution, to provide information to the members of the university community and to give voice to the students. It broadcasts on the frequency 95,2 fm and from the website www.ucyvoice.ucy.ac.cy. It also has an app for androids mobile phones which can be downloaded from play store.
All members of the university community - students, academics, alumni and administrative staff - can become radio producers at UCY Voice. Everyone is offered the opportunity to learn the techniques of radio production and produce their own shows.
UCY Voice organises seminars and workshops for the training and education of radio producers on topics such as media ethics, human rights, cultural creativity and other.
UCY Voice broadcasts on a 24hour basis and its programmes cover the spectrum of information and entertainment.
The University┬┤s aim is the development of students' creativity, the cultivation of free speech and thought and the establishment of UCY Voice as a means of free expression.