Q – What is UCY Voice?
Α – It's the radio station of the University of Cyprus (UCY)
Q – Who can have a radio show at UCY Voice?
Α – Any student, academic or administrative member of UCY.
Q – Is previous experience mandatory?
Α – No. Although previous experience would be useful, is not mandatory. You will get all the training you'll need from UCY Voice's personnel.
Q – I don't like talking in public but I do like helping in a radio show. Is there a place for me?
Α – Of course. You can be trained to be the sound engineer in shows with guests. Or you can write scipts for the production of new programmes.
Q – I write some music and I think I can make some new spot and jingles. Can I come?
Α – Definitely! UCY Voice gives you the opportunity to make your own spot that will be broadcasted from UCY Voice and who knows, maybe it's an opportunity for an alternative professional career.
Q – What happens if we say something wrong? Is there a limit in what we are saying?
Α – UCY Voice applies a training programme under the title "Media Literacy". A series of seminars and workshops are put in place with the aim to provide a wide education on mass media and to protect you from mistakes.
Q – I am a student of another university of Cyprus. Can I join you?
Α – Unfortunately not. Only students, academics and administrative members of UCY can join UCY Voice.
Q – I am an Erasmus student. Can I join UCY Voice?
A- Yes. We will be delighted to have you with us.
Q – Are we getting paid for our job?
Α – Joining UCY Voice is a voluntary job that gives you unique and rare experiences.
Q – How can I join UCY Voice?
Α – Follow the link and fill in the application form. A UCY Voice personnel will then be in touch. http://www.ucy.ac.cy/ucyvoice/join-us