The Department of Accounting and Finance offers a Minor in Accounting for a limited number of students from other departments. This offers students from other disciplines the opportunity to add a business dimension to their degree. The course requirements for this degree are indicated below. Students are required to take ten of the following courses (totalling at least 60 ECTS):

Course Code Course Title ECTS
AFN 111 Financial Accounting I 7
AFN 211 Managerial and Cost Accounting I 7
AFN 222 Corporate Financial Management 7
AFN 311 Financial Accounting II 6
AFN 312 Managerial Accounting and Costing II 6
AFN 313 Industry Placement I 6
AFN 314 Commercial Law 6
AFN 318 Auditing I 6
AFN 319 Taxation I 6
AFN 321 Corporate Finance II 6
AFN 322 Investment and Portfolio Management 6
AFN 410 Financial Reporting in the Banking Sector 6
AFN 411 Financial Analysis 6
AFN 413 Industry Placement II 6
AFN 414 Energy sector Accounting and Finance 6
AFN 415 Contemporary Issues in Accounting 6
AFN 416 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance 6
AFN 417 Auditing II 6
AFN 418 Financial Accounting III 6
AFN 419 Taxation II 6

Courses instructors for the dergee are mentioned in courses description

Coordinator for Minor in Accounting: Evita Livera