The role and significance of Architecture can hardly be overestimated. The field is inherently related to a wide variety of areas with aesthetic, technological, social, cultural, economic and political issues that define the human environment. The Department of Architecture consequently has an important role to play in producing architectural skills and knowledge through research, in providing high quality education to students and practitioners of architecture alike. It will also enhance the much-needed dialogue among the parties directly or indirectly involved in its production.

The aim of the Department of Architecture is the education of architects who can perform successfully worldwide but who also have the knowledge and sensitivity to respond and influence positively the built environment of Europe. In support of this the Department of Architecture provides high quality degree programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These programmes emphasize fundamental principles that prepare architects concerned with the challenges of meeting society's needs in a rapidly changing environment. Students participate in research, planning and design in an academic environment, in cooperation with the faculty, research and professional organisations.
The aim of the Ph.D. Programme in Architecture is to promote scholarly research leading to learning and innovation according to international standards of excellence, in the broader discipline of Architecture and within multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary fields. The Ph.D. degree is research oriented; this allows identification of relevant international architectural issues while promoting opportunities for local architectural development. The thematic contents of the specific courses offered each semester are based on the educational and research interests of the faculty.
The Department of Architecture admits graduate students each year at the Doctoral level (Ph.D. in Architecture).