The Department of Architecture (ARCH) is one of the four departments of the School of Engineering at the University of Cyprus. Considering that design is the common factor in all conceptual or other subdivisions or categories, the four basic areas of study are: architectural theory and history, architectural communication media, architectural technology and urban design. Aspiring to be an outstanding academic center of studies in the wider European region, the Department of Architecture aims at educating students to become architects who can perform successfully worldwide but who also have the knowledge and sensitivity to respond efficiently and influence positively the built environment of the eastern Mediterranean region.
The program of Architecture offers the following degrees:
  • B.Sc. in Architecture
  • Diploma of Architect-Engineer
  • Master Degree
  • Ph.D. in Architecture
Department's Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Architecture as an outstanding academic center of studies within the School of Engineering at the University of Cyprus, but also in the wider European region, is to educate students to become successful architects who can perform internationally, but who will also have the knowledge and sensitivity to respond to and to influence positively the formulation of the built environment in the eastern Mediterranean region.

Central to the philosophy of the department’s mission are the synergies achieved through the dynamic synthesis of design emanating both from the humanities and the technological dimensions of Architecture. Such an endeavor takes place by emphasizing the complex and fascinating aspects of the field of Architecture. It also takes place through the formulation of a design culture that takes into account theoretical, historical, political and technological quests to redefine the role of architecture in the making of the built environment. Some of the challenges for architects in the academic and professional contexts have to do with claiming a new role in contemporary society, as well as making a positive and sustainable contribution to the manmade environment.

Consequently, in pursuing its stated mission, the Department of Architecture investigates diverse approaches that may contribute to the creation of contemporary architectural practices with regard to a wide spectrum of scales, from the scale of the element, to the building, up to the urban and territorial scales.