1. Calling for Critical Citizenship through Arts Education

    • Voices and Bodies: Calling for Critical Citizenship through the Arts

 2. PW445453

 3. Arts Education, 2005: Identity Boxes - Memories 



 1. Calling for Critical Citizenship through Arts Education (PDF Text)



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2. PW445453

PW445453 explores the personal identities of students through stage photography and sound. The processes enable participants to play with their own ideas, facial and voices expressions based on their everyday lives, revealing common/uncommon sights of their selves and ways of life. Meanwhile they negotiate an understanding of themselves and others in relation to their social contexts (e.g. lecture room spaces, labs, corridors, natural places) and other forms of cultural expressions.

"Our work is concerned with how we express in everyday life, the ways we choose to define ourselves and how others define us "( 453 student, 2012)


Video PW445453 


Participants (students of art and music education courses, specialization area: EDU 453, 451)


Nopi Telemachou and Andri Savva


3. Art Education, 2005: Identity Boxes- memories


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