On behalf of the faculty and administration staff, I'd like to welcome you to the Department of Biological Sciences of the University of Cyprus.
Biology lies at the frontline of science, as in the last decades it has achieved unprecedented advances in understanding living systems at all levels or organization, from the molecular and cellular to those of communities and ecosystems. At the same time, biology widens the interdisciplinary character of modern science, bringing together scientific fields within and across traditional borders, and opening new areas of interdisciplinary research.
In addition to a deeper understanding of the nature, function and evolution of all living organisms, the unprecedented increase of our knowledge on biological systems lead to direct, often amazing applications in a variety of sectors, such as health (understanding of diseases, genetic diagnosis and treatment, new therapeutic strategies using stem cells, new drugs development etc.), agriculture, husbandry and food industry (new organic and sustainable practices, genetically modified plants and animals, aquaculture, etc.), the sustainable use of biological resources (fisheries, forest and wetland management, etc.), conservation, development of novel products etc.
These applications, of course, offer to the biologists the respective opportunities for employment, in addition to opportunities in education and basic research or the prospects for an academic career.
There is a strong impact of the continuously increasing body of knowledge in biology and its applications on society which, at the same time, leads to ethical, legal and practical dilemmas, like all novel advances. Thus, biologists today have increased social responsibilities and it is of paramount importance that they contribute effectively in the spread of rational and critical thinking among citizens at large.
The undergraduate and graduate programs of the Department of Biological Sciences aim to provide students with high quality education at global standards, so that that can develop a deep understanding of their science and a versatile thinking, something critical for their professional career in the modern environment. Furthermore, the graduate and doctoral students can learn state-of-the-art laboratory experimental techniques and approaches that allow them access complex scientific problems and produce basic knowledge, equipping them in a way that enables them to meet the demands of modern research and contribute at a maximum level to the global scientific community.
The Department of Biological Sciences, despite being relatively young (established in 2003), has exhibited a very dynamic development and today is the largest in research fields, infrastructure, publication numbers, student and programs of study numbers, Cypriot research centre in biology.
The studies at the Department of Biological Sciences, at both the undergraduate and the graduate levels, are a thrilling journey of knowledge across the amazing and vast country of science, where each one of you will find his/her own beloved niche. As far as we are concerned, we shall join you in this journey and guide you around, putting our best efforts.
Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences