BMG 100 Introduction to Byzantine Literature (5 ECTS)
Offers an overview of Byzantine Philology, focusing on the main characteristics of Byzantine Literature, as well as on language change from Medieval to Modern Greek. Familiarizes students with the use of reference works (dictionaries, grammars, text books, etc.). A variety of passages are studied and translated in Modern Greek while other passages are read in Modern Greek translations. The selected texts cover a wide range of literary genres and stylistic levels from the 1st to the 15th centuries inclusive. 


BMG 110 Introduction to Greek Palaeography (5 ECTS)
Introduces the history of Greek writing and manuscripts from the appearance of the cod (2nd century A.D.) up to the development of printing (16th century). Covers more general issues (materials, scripts, writing techniques and scriptoria, financial and social context, dating). Students practice reading and transcribing manuscripts.
BMG 120 Introduction to Modern Greek Literature (5 ECTS)
Introduces a variety of issues concerning all subjects relating to Modern Greek Literature. Topics include bibliography, history of literature, terminology, literary genres, literary essay, literary criticism and so on.
BMG 130 Introduction to the Theory of Literature (5 ECTS)
Introduces basic concepts of literary theory. It examines the literary text in relation to such fundamental notions as the author, the reader, and reality (i.e. mimesis) tracing the historical perceptions and developments associated with these concepts. It also explores specific literary theories such as psychoanalytic literary criticism, structuralism, post-structuralism, postcolonial theory, deconstruction, cultural studies, Marxist literary critique etc. The course draws its material from a variety of theoretical disciplines that include anthropology, psychology, political theory, sociology, linguistics and philosophy. Its basic aim is to introduce the students to different methodological approaches and interpretations of literary texts.
BMG 141 Introduction to Modern Greek Metrics (5 ECTS)
The course examines Modern Greek traditional metres as well as the development of free verse.
BNE 160 Essay Writing (5 ECTS)
The aim of the course is: a) to familiarise students with academic discourse (structure of texts, argumentation) and b) to cultivate critical thinking as well as the academic use of the Greek language. In the context of the course, the essays of important writers will be thoroughly analysed and at the same time students will have the opportunity to develop their academic essay writing skills.
BNE 170 Landmarks in Modern Greek Literature (5 ECTS)
This course constitutes an introduction to Modern Greek Literature. The objective of the course is the study of literature through a historical perspective and the critical reading of works which are considered milestones of Modern Greek Literature.