The Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies covers the subjects of Byzantine Philology, Modern Greek Literature, Theory of Literature, Comparative Literature and Linguistics.


The main areas of interest of the Department in both research and teaching are the following: the study of Greek Language and Literature from the early post-Christian era to the present, with reference to previous periods as well (from the Archaic period up to the Hellenistic period), the examination of Modern Greek Literature within a European as well as a world context, the study of Greek Language and Literature in Cyprus.
The B.A Programme and the Postgraduate Programmes (Byzantine Studies; Modern Greek Literature) of the Department aims at providing scholarly knowledge, solid scientific background in methods and research in all areas of interest of the Department, developing the student's critical thought as well as broadening their intellectual horizons.
The ultimate goal of the Programmes of the Department (B.A and Postgraduate), is the formation of graduates and postgraduates qualified to provide a high level work in teaching, scientific and research institutes, cultural foundations and public sector.
The Chairman