The Department of Business and Public Administration offers a Minor in Entrepreneurship to a limited number of students of other departments but is mostly constructed particularly for students from the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences.  However other students from other Departments can also apply for the Minor Degree in entrepreneurship.

The minor in Enterpreneurship gives students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge relative to technological evolution, business evaluation of technological and other innovations and help them acquire the necessary knowledge that allow them to be effectively engaged in the business field (i.e. the creation of a new business) in various economic sectors. 


Programme┬┤s Structure

The required courses for the minor degree are divided into two categories: compulsory and elective. Students must cover at least 60 ECTS (10 courses), five (5) of them are compulsory. 

Table 1: Requirements for a Minor in Enterpreneurship 

Compulsory Courses

Course Code Course Title ECTS
BPA131 Principles of Management 6
BPA435 Strategic Management 7
BPA448 Planning and Managing Projects 6

BPA468 or


Entrepreneurship and Innovation or 




BPA469 Creativity and Design Thinking in Organization 6


The Elective Courses have to be chosen from the following tables (2, 3, 4 and 5) in the relative science fields. The programme is structured in a specific way in order to provide students with the maximum flexibility to choose courses and get involved in the business fields, in which they are more interested.

Table 2: Elective courses from Marketing 

At least one (1) of the following courses:

Course Code Course Title ECTs
BPA251 Principles of Marketing 


BPA351 Marketing Research 7
BPA352 Consumer Behavior 7
BPA353 Sales Management                                           6
BPA354 Marketing Communications 6
BPA452 International Marketing 6
BPA453 Strategic Marketing 6
BPA456 Digital Marketing 6


Table 3: Elective courses from Management

At least one (1) of the following courses:

Course Code Course Title ECTs
BPA332 Business Ethics 6
BPA334 Human Resource Management 6
BPA335 Cross-Cultural Management 6
BPA337 Labor/Industrial Relations 6
BPA432 Innovation Management 6
BPA436 Leadership 7
BPA437 Managing the Family Business 6
BPA463 Negotiations and Conflict Management     6
BPA464 Energy - Strategy and Management  6
BPA465 Business and Climate Change  6


Table 4: Elective courses from Management Science and Information Systems Management

At least one (1) of the following courses:

Course Code Course Title ECTs
BPA341 Operations Management 7
BPA342 Supply Chain Management
BPA343  Applied Optimization Modelling
BPA345  Quality Management
BPA346 Quantitative Methods in Management II 6
BPA347 Management Information Systems      6
BPA349 Revenue Management 6
BPA433 Business and eCommerce 6
BPA445 Service Management 6
BPA448  Planning and Managing Projects


Table 5: Elective courses from Accounting and Finance

Only one (1) of the following courses:

Course Code Course Title ECTs
AFN111 Financial Accounting 7
AFN222 Corporate Financial Management              7
AFN321 Corporate Financial Management II 6
AFN323 Modern Capital Budgeting 6



Criteria of Admission:

  • The admission of students will be based on the University's Regulations. 
  • Students can apply to the Minor only after the completion of two (2) semesters of studies.
  • Applications could be accepted by candidates who have an average rate of at least 6.5.
  • With the application, candidates must submit a paragraph explaining their interest to the minor program in Entrepreneurship and how that will fit to their academic and professional goals.