The University of Cyprus aims at becoming a leading educational and research institution, distinguished internationally for scientific, ethical and cultural advancement. It also strives at being recognized as a centre of excellence and a bridge of co-operation and communication in the Mediterranean. The basic aims of the University are the promotion of science and knowledge through research, and the sociocultural and economical development of the country.

Accordingly, the Department of Business and Public Administration strives to be at the forefront of teaching and research. Students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that will make them competitive in the job market and able to contribute with initiative, knowledge, and responsibility to the performance of firms and other organizations.

Our Program Philosophy follows the scholarly practices of other prestigious departments in its discipline. It prepares future executives by cultivating the analytical, critical, and interpersonal skills, while imparting them strong ethical principles. Specifically, the program of studies aims to:

  1.  Familiarize students with contemporary data and information analysis methods, the use of modern tools in problem solving and decision making, and the development of strategy.
  2. Develop their critical thinking and interpersonal skills to better manage the human capital of local and international organizations.
  3.  Establish teamwork, personal initiative, and accountability as the key components of responsible organizational behavior.

Through internships, we seek to broaden our students' professional experiences and employment opportunities in the private, public, and social sectors.

Our goal is not only to make graduates appealing candidates for employment, but also to teach them to add value in whatever they do professionally. This is exactly the job candidate profile that is demanded by leading businesses internationally and is especially true for service sectors such as Energy, Environment, Health, and Information Technology (ICT). These sectors are expected to grow in importance as they are being actively promoted by the European Union's "Europe 2020" growth strategy.