The Colloquium in Byzantine and Medieval Studies runs each term under the aegis of the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme in Byzantine Studies and the Latin East, organised jointly by the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies and the Department of History and Archaeology at the University of Cyprus. It serves as a podium for members of the University of Cyprus academic staff, scholars and researchers in other institutions as well as the programme's postgraduate students to give talks on subjects directly or indirectly concerned with Byzantine culture and the medieval world. All lectures are delivered on Wednesdays, at the University of Cyprus Central (Old) Campus (75, Kallipoleos Av.), in Wing E, Room EΒ107 (basement floor), at 7.30 pm, and last approx. 90 minutes, including the discussion.

COVID-19 management - ensuring the safety of both speakers and audience during the pandemic

The change in venue of the Colloquium meetings during the current semester, moved now to Room EΒ107, was decided in order to ensure the safety and protection of all participants through the strict implementation of the physical and social distancing measures adopted by the University of Cyprus for the management of COVID-19 (with the implementation of said measures, Room E010 can host up to 56 persons). All those interested in attending the meetings are also notified that, according to the health protocols in place at UCy, the use of the face-mask is obligatory in all university enclosed spaces.

Winter Semester 2020-21
September 30
H υστερορωμαϊκή καταγωγή των εθίμων του Κατακλυσμού στην Κύπρο. Μια νέα υπόθεση εργασίας
Georgios Deligiannakis (Open University Cyprus)

October 14*
Book presentation
Stathis Mpirtachas (ed.), Βενετική Κύπρος (1489–1571): Οι εκθέσεις των αξιωματούχων του ανώτατου διοικητικού σχήματος της κτήσης / Venetian Cyprus (1489–1571): Reports by the Dominion’s Supreme Administrative Officials, Thessaloniki: Επίκεντρο, 2019
Nicholas Coureas (Cyprus Research Centre)
Gerasimos Pangratis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
Stathis Mpirtachas (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

*The presentation will take place at the Archaeological Research Unit, 12 Gladstone Street, Nicosia.

Novermber 4 
H ιστορία της Κύπρου του Φλώριου Βουστρώνιου. Πηγές και επιδράσεις της ουμανιστικής ιστοριογραφίας
Ioannis Harkas (University of Cyprus)
In collaboration with the Colloquium of Modern Greek Literature, UCy
November 18
Σκέψεις για τη γλώσσα του πεζού λόγου του 16ου αιώνα
Eleni Karantzola (Aegean University)
December 2
Οι δύο άγιοι Κυπριανοί: επιπλοκές στη μεταφορά γνώσης και πληροφορίας στο πρώιμο Βυζάντιο
Eleni Leontidou (independent researcher)
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