NB: in Greek, unless otherwise stated.

In Progress
Elia M.
Social and economic aspects of rural life in Venetian Cyprus (in English)
Supervisor: A. Nicolaou-Konnari

Filippou G.
The Maronites of Cyprus from their arrival to the island up to the end of the Ottoman rule: recording their history through the written and archaeological sources
Supervisor: Α. Nicolaou-Konnari

Galuzo D.
The Venetian Rule in Friuli and Cyprus: a comparison (in English)
Supervisor: A. Nicolaou-Konnari

Karagiorgos F.
Settlement evolution on Mount Athos from the late 19th to the early 21st century
Supervisor: A. Vionis

Ktori M.
Settlement systems and the relationship between centre and periphery: a case-study of Byzantine and Medieval Paphos (in English)
Supervisor: A. Vionis

Loizou Ch.
Landscapes and settlement systems in Byzantine and Medieval Cyprus
Supervisor: A. Vionis
Matsarokos E.
The spatial analysis of sacred space on Mount Athos: the relationship of Byzantine monasteries with the seascape
Supervisor: A. Vionis

Mavromatidis S.
Cypriot Funerary Sculpture during the Lusignan Period (1192-1474/89)
Supervisor: M. Olympios
Modestou Ch.
The poems of Manuel Philes to the Emperor: language and ideology
Supervisor: M. Hinterberger

Pavlou, Ch.
Matthew Cigala, an epitomy of various stories
Supervisor: A. Nicolaou-Konnari
Petrou Th.
The presence of the Holy Cross in Cyprus
Supervisor: A. Nicolaou-Konnari
Theodoraki D.
Law and Order in Venetian Crete
Supervisor: A. Nicolaou-Konnari

Charkas Ι.
The History of Cyprus by Florios Boustronios: sources and influences of humanist historiography
Supervisors: N. Constantinidou and C. Schabel


Papadamou Ch.
Cypriot migration at the time of the Ottoman conquest (1570/1)
Supervisor: A. Nicolaou-Konnari

Salzmann M.
The Cypriot Aristocracy in the 15th  Century: Social Structures, Social Mobility, and Identity Construction (in English)
Joint supervision: Α. Beihammer (Notre Dame University, USA), J. Pahlitzsch (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany) and A. Nicolaou-Konnari

Sykopetritou P.
Imperial Accession Ceremonies and Political Ideology in the Late Byzantine Palaiologan Court (1261–1357) (in English)
Joint supervision: Α. Beihammer (Notre Dame University, USA) and Α. Nikolaou-Konnari


Kouroupakis A.
The Latin Church of Cyprus during the Great Schism of the West (1378-1417)
Supervisor: C. Schabel
Andreou A.
The Holy Double: Kinship, Fellowship and Hostility in Byzantine Lives of Holy and Semi-holy Couples (in English)
Supervisor: S. Constantinou
Kaoulla C.
The Quest for a Royal Bride. The marriage of King Janus of Cyprus and Anglesia Visconti of Milan (in English)
Supervisor: C. Schabel
Khalifa C.
The Defence of the Island of Cyprus Under Frankish Rule (1192--1489) (in French)
Joint Supervision: A. Nicolaou-Konnari with Prof. Isabelle Augé, Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier III, France
Georgiou K.
Preaching the Crusades in the Early Fourteenth Century (in English)
Supervisor: C. Schabel
Proiki E.
Dream Narratives and Initiation Processes: A Comparative Study of the Tale of Livistros and Rodamne, the Roman de la Rose and the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili (in English)
Supervisor: P. Agapitos
Protogerou S.-A.
Rhetorical theatricality in the work of Michael Psellos
Supervisor: P. Agapitos