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Other Research Projects and Collaborations


NetMAR: Network for Byzantine Arts and Rituals
Call: H2020 – WIDESPREAD-05-2020 – Twinning
S. Constantinou (coordinator)

People in Motion: Entangled Histories of Displacement across the Mediterranean (1492-1923), Cost Action 18140 (Action Chair: G. Tarantino)
N. Constantinidou (member of Workgroup 3: Paper in Motion)

DEBATE: Innovation as Performance in Late Medieval Universities, ERC-Consolidator Grant 771589 (Principal Investigator: M. Brinzei) 
Ch. Schabel (senior researcher)

THESIS: Theology, Education, School Institution and Scholars-Network, ERC-Starting Grant 313339 (Principal Investigator: M. Brinzei)
Ch. Schabel (senior researcher)

Research Networking Programme: Comparative Oriental Manuscripts Studies (COMSt), funded by the European Science Foundation
A. Giannouli , member of the COMSt Steering Committee (for the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation), and member of a team (Team 2: Manuscripts as text witnesses: philology as text criticism)

INTERREG III B ARCHIMED – Byzantine Heritage Network: Rehabilitation, Ηighlighting and Μanagement in the Eastern Mediterranean BasinINTERREG III B ARCHIMED – Byzantine Heritage Network: Rehabilitation, Ηighlighting and Μanagement in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin
M. Parani, on behalf of the University of Cyprus (partner), in collaboration with the Dipartimento Attività Produttive, Regione Basilicata (Italy), the Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche, Istituto per i beni archeologici e monumentali (Italy), the Provincia di Lecce (Italy), the Prefecture of Rethymnon and the Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

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Lactating Breasts: Motherhood and Breastfeeding in Antiquity and Byzantium (4th century BCE-7th century CE)
Programme "Excellence Hubs" 
S. Constantinou (project coordinator),  A. Skouroumouni-Staurinou (early-stage researcher)

Storyworlds in Collections: Toward a Theory of the Ancient and Byzantine Tale (2nd Century CE–7th Century CE)
Programme “DIDAKTOR”
S. Constantinou (project coordinator), A. Andreou (post-doctoral researcher)

Unlocking the Sacred Landscapes of Cyprus (UnSaLa CY)
EXCELLENCE HUBS research project (EXCELLENCE/1216/0362)
A. Vionis (coordinator), G. Papantoniou (senior researcher)

The Spatiality and Materiality of Pilgrimage in Byzantine and Medieval Cyprus and Religious Networks in the Eastern Mediterranean (SpaMaP)
DIDAKTOR research project (POST-DOC/0916/0251)
A. Vionis (coordinator), O. Perdiki (postdoctoral researcher)

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Byzantine Thaumaturgic Narratives: The Art of Miracle Story Collection (ThaumArt)
S. Constantinou (principal investigator)

Articulating Greek Visual Identity in the 'Long' Middle Ages: An Ecclesiastical, Social and Architectural History of the Bedestan in Nicosia
M. Olympios (principal investigator)

Continuing the Bullarium Cyprium: Pope John XXII’s Letters to Cyprus, 1316-1334
Ch. Schabel (principal investigator)

The Vocabulary of Byzantine classicizing and literary koine texts: A database of correspondences
M. Hinterberger (principal investigator)

The Church of the Transfiguration at Sotera (Famagusta District) in Context: History - Architecture - Murals
2014 – 2016
M. Parani (coordinator)

Stirring Pots on Fire: A Diachronic and Interdisciplinary Study of Cooking Pots from Cyprus (CCP)
2011 – 2013
A. Vionis (coordinator)

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Greek Learning in France in the Sixteenth Century: Grammars and Sententiae
N. Constantinidou (principal investigator)

Rural Life in Cyprus: Digitising and Reconstructing Material Culture through Monastic Property Lists, 18th-19th Centuries (RURAL CY)

A. Vionis (coordinator), E. Rizopoulou-Egoumenidou and P. Hadjittofi (collaborators)

Lexical differentiation in Byzantine texts: the correspondence between the learned classicizing vocabulary and the vocabulary of 'usual' prose
M. Hinterberger (principal investigator)

Digital Makhairas
A. Nicolaou-Konnari (principal investigator)

Byzantine Hymnography and the Tradition of Rhetoric (HYMNORHET)
A. Giannouli (principal investigator)

The Past, Present, and Future of Late-Medieval Theology: The Commentary on the Sentences of Nicholas of Dinkelsbühl
Ch. Schabel (principal investigator)

Prosopography of Medieval Cyprus
A. Nicolaou-Konnari (principal investigator)

Sources for Frankish and Venetian Cyprus
Ch. Schabel (principal investigator)

Petri de Candia Opera Omnia
Ch. Schabel (principal investigator)

Bullarium Hellenicum
Ch. Schabel (principal investigator)

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Princeton University Excavations at Polis Chryssochous
2019 – today
A. Vionis (Byzantine pottery study), in collaboration with W. Caraher, S. Moore, A. Papalexandrou, J. Smith (excavation directors)

Sammelband 15-16: A project that studies the creation and use of Sammelbände in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Europe
2018 - today
N. Constantinidou (international partner)
Funded by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen [KNAW]), Descartes-Huygens Prize

Wealth, Consumption and Inequality in the Late Byzantine World, 1200-1453
D. Stathakopoulos (principal investigator)
Funded by the Leverhulme Trust, Gerda Henkel Stiftung

Emotions through time: from Antiquity to Byzantium (Principal investigator D. Cairns)
M. Hinterberger (network member)

Unlocking Sacred Landscapes: Research Network (UnSaLa)
2015 – today
A. Vionis, in collaboration with G. Papantoniou (network coordinator), Ch. Morris (Trinity College Dublin), Α. Sarris (UCY). Funded by the Irish Research Council, Trinity Long Room Hub, A.G. Leventis Foundation, Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies

Heimarros Tower Archaeological Project, Naxos
2015 – today
A. Vionis, in collaboration with O. Filaniotou (coordinator), and G. Papantoniou, Α. Kaldeli, Ch. Loizou (collaborators)
Funded by the University of Cyprus and the Municipality of Naxos

Settled and Sacred Landscapes of Cyprus (SeSaLaC)
2014 – today
A. Vionis (coordinator), in collaboration with G. Papantoniou (UCY) and D. Nicolaou.
Archaeological field project in the Xeros River valley (Larnaca District, Cyprus).
Funded by: Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation, University of Cyprus,  Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Irish Research Council, Long Room Hub - Trinity College Dublin, University of Bonn

Achaia Survey: Historical Topography of W. Achaia Research Project
2013 – today
Α. Vionis, in collaboration with the Institute of Local History (Patras)
Funded by the University of Cyprus, the Municipality of Kato Achaia and the Institute of Local History

ByzAD: Artefacts and Raw Materials in Byzantine Archival Documents
2012 – today
M. Parani, in collaboration with B. Pitarakis (CNRS) and J.-M. Spieser (Prof. Emeritus, University of Friburg)

The Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame at Saint-Omer: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Its History, Architecture and Art
M. Olympios, in collaboration with Dr Delphine Hanquiez (Université d’Artois). Funds for travel and technical analyses were provided by the University of Cyprus.

Digital Boeotia: Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Boeotia Digitisation Project
2011 – 2012
Α. Vionis (coordinator), in collaboration with Prof. J. Bintliff (Universities of Leiden & Edinburgh)
Funded by ArtLandS and the Universities of Cyprus and Leiden

Damned in Hell in Frescoes on Venetian-Dominated Crete
D. Stathakopoulos (co-investigator)
Funded by the Leverhulme Trust

Register Medicorum Medii Aevi
D. Stathakopoulos (co-investigator)
Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Edition of the philosophical works of Pietro de Nores, National Hellenic Research Foundation (Greece) - Section of Neohellenic Research
2009 - today 
A. Nicolaou-Konnari, in collaboration with P. M. Kitromilides (Prof. Emeritus, University of Athens, and member of the Athens Academy) and Kenneth Owen Smith (University of Nicosia)

A Cistercian Nunnery in the Latin East: The History and Archaeology of St Theodore Abbey, Nicosia, Cyprus
M. Olympios, in collaboration with Eftychia Zachariou (Department of Antiquities, Cyprus) and Christopher Schabel (University of Cyprus). The project has been funded intermittently by the University of Cyprus and the Department of Antiquities.

Bullarium Cyprium
Ch. Schabel and J. Richard (principal investigators)
Funded by the Cyprus Research Centre

Synodicum Nicosiense 
Ch. Schabel (pincipal investigator)
Funded by the Cyprus Research Centre

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