Name Academic Advisor THESIS
Karaolia Parthnopi D. Fatta-Kasinos MBR and Advanced Oxidation Processes for the removal of antibiotic resistance from and disinfection of urban wastewater, Enrolled: January 2012, On-going
Ioannou Lida D. Fatta-Kasinos Solar driven heterogeneous catalysis for the treatment of winery wastewater, Enrolled: January 2010, On-going
Vasquez Marlen D. Fatta-Kasinos Active pharmaceutical ingredients in aqueous matrices: An integrated approach for assessing effects, Enrolled: January 2006, Completed: December 2012
Micheal Irene D. Fatta-Kasinos Investigating the solar-driven advanced chemical oxidation of ofloxacin and trimethoprim in sewage and other aqueous matrices, Enrolled: January 2009, Completed: June 2012
Achilleos Antigoni D. Fatta-Kasinos Heterogeneous photocatalysis, sonolysis and sonophotocatalysis for the removal of selected pharmaceutical compounds from aqueous matrices, Enrolled: January 2005 - Completed: June 2011
Mouzourides Petros M. Neophytou jointly supervised with Dr A. Kyprianou (MME-UCY) Multi-scale phenomena in the atmosphere and implications for urban design , Enrolled: January 2012, On-going
Antoniou Nestoras M. Neophytou Design strategies for urban heat island mitigation and energy demand minimization , Enrolled: January 2013, On-going