Welcome to the website of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Cyprus. In the various pages of this site, you will find information on academic programs, curricula and courses, and degree requirements. Also available are the faculty profiles that include information about their research interests, specialties and contact information.

Our department was one of the first three departments of the Engineering School that was created in 2002. We admitted our first undergraduate students in September 2003 and produced the first graduates in June 2007. Since its creation, the Department has expanded rapidly with the hiring of new faculty and an increasing number of admitted undergraduate and graduate students. Through this development phase, we created the laboratory and information technology infrastructure to support our mission of providing high quality educational and research programs to students. We continuously strive to improve the undergraduate curriculum, to offer more graduate programs, and to define our research directions. One of our immediate objectives is to grow our graduate programs that offer degrees in the various disciplines of Civil and Environmental Engineering in order to attract students to perform their graduate studies with us.
The Department covers the traditional areas of Civil Engineering such as structures, building materials, earthquake engineering, construction management, geotechnical engineering, transportation and hydraulics. In parallel, we integrated areas concerned with the environment such as management of solid and liquid waste, protection of water resources and air pollution. We strive to integrate aspects of the sustainable building environment, as well issues on environmental health, into the academic programs and research directions.
All these areas have a direct impact on health and safety, tourism, the construction industry, and the local economy of Cyprus. The Department has developed and continues to maintain close ties with industry, consultants, agencies and professional societies. These ties have helped to learn and implement advice on strengthening our programs and growth directions of our department. We also try to satisfy the needs of local Civil and Environmental Engineers for continuing education and training.
The enormous impact of Civil and Environmental Engineering on our society has never been clearer due to our recent economic growth and the associated environmental problems and of infrastructure shortage. With these challenges in mind, one of our main goals is to prepare young engineers and future leaders who can creatively apply their knowledge to solve problems in a rapidly changing environment.
Marina Neophytou
Professor, Department Head