Fall Semester
CODE Course Title
ECE 100 Introduction to Design and Engineering
ECE 101 Introduction to Design and Engineering Lab
ECE 105 Engineering Analysis and Modeling
ECE 202 Electronic Device Principles and Circuit Modeling
ECE 203 Circuits and Measurements Lab
ECE 210 Digital Logic Design
ECE 211 Digital Systems Lab
ECE 305 Electronic Devices and Circuits II
ECE 311 Discrete Analysis and Structures
ECE 312 Computer Architecture
ECE 314 Computer Architecture Lab
ECE 318 Programming Principles for Engineers
ECE 320 Signals and Systems II
ECE 325 Iterative Methods
ECE 326 Introduction in Control Systems
ECE 327 Control Systems Lab
ECE 331 Electromagnetic Fields
ECE 409 Computer Architecture II
ECE 417 Distributed Systems
ECE 447 Renewable Sources of Energy: Photovoltaics
ECE 453 Wireless Telecommunication Networks
ECE 455 Fiber Optic Communication Systems and Networks
ECE 471 Neurophysiology and Senses
ECE 600 Masters Thesis (Continuation)
ECE 621 Random Processes
ECE 623 Digital Signal Processing
ECE 624 Fundamentals of Digital Communications
ECE 630 Optical Networks
ECE 631 Systems Theory
ECE 656 Advanced Computer Architecture
ECE 680 Power System Analysis
ECE 685 Power System Operation
ECE 701 Graduate Seminars
ECE 704 Graduate Seminars
ECE 705 Graduate Seminars
ECE 900 Erasmus
Spring Semester
ECE 102 Electrical Circuits and Networks
ECE 205 Electronic Devices and Circuits I
ECE 212 Computer Organization and Microprocessors
ECE 213 Computer Organization and Microprocessors Lab
ECE 220 Signals and Systems I
ECE 221 Signals and Systems For Computer Engineers
ECE 224 Introduction to Random Signals and Systems
ECE 306 Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab
ECE 307 Digital Integrated Circuits
ECE 313 Engineering of Operating Systems
ECE 316 Operating Systems and Networks Lab
ECE 317 Engineering of Computing
ECE 324 Random Signals and Systems
ECE 333 Electromagnetic and Optical Engineering
ECE 340 Power Engineering
ECE 341 Electrical Power Machines Lab
ECE 358 Telecommunications Lab
ECE 359 Introduction to Communication Systems
ECE 360 Computer Networks
ECE 370 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
ECE 407 Computer Aided Design for VLSI
ECE 408 Digital Design with FPGAs
ECE 424 Fault Tollerance Systems
ECE 425 Introduction to Robotics
ECE 435 Optical Engineering and Photonics Laboratory
ECE 438 Microwave and Radio-Frequency Circuits
ECE 473 X 665 Instrumentation and Measurement
ECE 634 Introduction to Computational Intelligence
ECE 645 Optics and Photonics
ECE 649 Electromagnetic Waves and Antenna Theory
ECE 651 Advanced Iterative Methods
ECE 653 Advanced Real-Time Embedded Systems
ECE 654 Advanced Computer Networks
ECE 681 Power System Operation and Control
ECE 686 Postgraduates seminars (M.Sc. and Ph.D.)
ECE 701 Postgraduates seminars (M.Sc. and Ph.D.)
ECE 704 Postgraduates seminars (M.Sc. and Ph.D.)
ECE 723/724 M.Eng.Study
ECE 900 Erasmus